• Sophie Perkins

Painting with Chance and Control

The painting process requires me to let go of predetermined ideas about how the composition will look. The medium guides the initial outcome to then work with or from, to rein in the loose and sometimes chaotic flow of paint. By pouring the paint I am able to consciously make the pour, deciding the volume and direction of the medium that is carried on to the surface. The paint’s interaction with the canvas is then left to fusion of their material properties as the cotton duck soaks up the liquid form and the pigment in the paint separates or creates bleeding haloes, or reveals a new texture that is determined by the quality of the paint and the alchemy of mixing of different colours.

Sometimes I could approach it by considering the alchemy of colours usually working from a pre planned palette of colours that have been influenced by the landscape which I had swatched and collaged with In the preliminary stage of experimenting with painting and abstract compositions. However it all changes on the basis of experience. Colours appear and receed as I go along, once the image is revealed to me and as I gain more of an insight into the abstract space I am able to make more informed decisions. As I am sure most painters are aware, it is so easy to add too much to a painting and fairly quickly It can go to a point of no return. This is why the reflective evaluation of painting in-between layers is crucial. And its within these moments of time that paintings can take a different course from the planned journey it started with. I allow for the process of painting to guide the outcome but it is a delicate game of chance and control. If a painting was completely obeyed to the materiality of paint then I suppose you would question the role of the artist, it is through the expression and small choices that as a being I make, allows the paint to come in to its own being. It is the chance of the flow of medium with the control of the artist's hand and placement of colour to achieve depth and perspective.

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